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Tears of blood trail down her face

Humanity in ruins, a disgrace

Blood stained hands, darkened wings

A battle won, she slowly grins

Souls of the weak, the lost, the maimed

Each one she eagerly claimed

Trophies of an ongoing battle

Humans are but merely cattle

Quickly now she takes to flight

Her heart filled with hate and spite

Another pained soul she sees

Holding a knife upon his knees

She stretches out an unforgiving hand

Helping end his life, just like he planned

Wrapped in her cold embrace

Another soul vanishes without a trace.


Thank You for the love and support you have all bestowed upon me. You have had faith and have helped me through this horrible ordeal. I know it is hard supporting someone when your one voice against millions. There may be more haters than supporters but you are stronger and fight harder. You have all given me the strength to move forward and continue to fight for my right to live. I leave you with a sneak peek of my next drawing. Blessed Be Image

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