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Kendrick Johnson the CoverUp

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/badgirlpollyanna/2013/11/16/kendrick-johnsons-death-why-the-cover-up CLick ths link <—



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child abusers! I HATE THEM! 07/26 by BadGirl PollyAnna | Life Podcasts. <–click link


Suicide Awareness and Suicide Prevention 07/04 by BadGirl PollyAnna | Blog Talk Radio. <–click link


Jodi Arias Arrogant? Sneaky? No Empathy? 06/30 by Juicy Chatterbox | Blog Talk Radio. <–click link

Why is it that people assume I have no heart, soul, or remorse for what I have done. People think I am arrogant which isn’t the case at all. I am a confident woman and I feel I portray that. If they assume this to be arrogance so be it. I didn’t get much rest last night. I have a lot of anxiety. I feel scared of the unknown. What is to come? When will this end? They call me selfish. They think I lied about preferring the death penalty. I have not felt so willing to end it all as I do now. I have remorse. I have repentance. I share the pain I have caused many. I don’t want to cause anymore pain.Suicide is not an option. I’m writing a new book. Maybe it will be a pamphlet, not sure yet. I want to help educate people about the facts on domestic violence. Blessed Be #JodiArias

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I made this page to express my thoughts, get my side of this travesty out to the public, a chance to give people another perspective of me. Everyone seems to hate or misjudge me based on biased information being publicized by ignorant tyrants of the media!

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