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School Success and Opportunity Act Transgender Law




Juveniles with Adult Sentences SB260 <—click link to join

Special Guest Jessie Wagner will explain what the new law SB260 means to juveniles who are incarcerated with adult sentences. Join us TONIGHT 8PMpdt/10PMcdt/11PMest



Here goes..My name is Jodi Arias. I shot,fog,and killed Travis Alexander. He shared his rage, he kept me secret in his cage.He used me,abused me, then tossed me like salad.Jealousy they say?Stalker?Killer? Wait! Who was the abuser? What a loser! Yes,he died,but he provoked it.I hate what I did, but there is no way of changing it.I am here in this cell, if only the camera hadn’t fell.


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