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Death Penalty Removal Denied!


The death penalty its an issue that has been debated for decades whether it deters crime whether its cruel and unusual making it unconstitutional and whether its handed out evenly. Arguments about the death penalty have taken on a new life in recent years as a few states have done away with executions. One of the most outspoken opponents of the death penalty Catholic nun Sister Helen Prejean was in Harrisburg recently. Sister Prejean mininsters to death row prison inmates and played by actress Susan Sarandon in the film Dead Man Walking.

lynch mob

Seems like the whole nation is against me. I know I have supporters and I appreciate each one of them. I have never felt so hated in my entire life! People scream out for my death. They rejoice in my misery. I understand I do not deserve to be pitied. Nor do I ask for it. What I want is a fair trial. Everyone wants the death penalty. They act as if the judge will be placing the needle in my arm right there and then. SUCH FOOLS! They are all hypocrites! Practice what you preach, not only at your convenience.


To exclude all jurors who would be in the slightest way affected by the prospect of the death penalty would be to deprive the defendant of the impartial jury to which he or she is entitled under the law. Byron White

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